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Personal Injury

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You may be eligible to make a Personal Injury claim if you have suffered physical or psychological injury as a result of the actions or another person or organisation.

It will need to be proved that your injury, illness or disease is as a result of negligence of another party.

We can assist you with a claim for Personal Injury compensation in the following areas:-

We will advise you quickly and easily whether you are able to make a claim for compensation for your injuries and whether you may also have a claim for any financial losses incurred as a result of the accident, such as loss of earnings.

We may take your personal injury case on a “No Win No Fee” basis, following our assessment.

We will endeavour to ensure that you receive maximum compensation.

For more information call our Personal Injury Litigator for a FREE consultation.

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Personal Injury Services

We deal with all types of personal injury claims including:

Road traffic accidents

Such as claims for drivers and passengers, claims for pedestrians, motorcycle claims, bicycle claims, and claims against uninsured or untraced drivers

Trips and slips

Such as accidents on the pavements, in a shop or supermarket, in a public place or on land owned by others

Industrial disease claims

Such as dermatitis and occupational deafness

Accidents at work and in factories

Defective products and services

All services

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