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Whether you are buying or selling your home, our personal approach will ensure speed, accuracy and efficiency in all aspects of your move.  We understand that this can be a very stressful time and will keep you informed of progress.  Our residential conveyancers are highly experienced and will ensure that your transaction proceeds as quickly and stress-free as possible, whilst also ensuring that you receive an efficient service.   We are not a bulk volume Conveyancing operation and tailor our services to meet your needs.

We also act for investors of residential properties and portfolios, offering a personal service in relation to the acquisition, disposal or re-financing.

We will provide you with a value for money service but refuse to cut corners.  We will advise you of any concerns that we have in relation to your transaction.

We are an accredited member of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) in recognition of the quality of our Conveyancing services.  We operate a state of the art Conveyancing Case Management System which assists in the smooth running of your transaction.


Conveyancing Fees

To obtain your conveyancing estimate, please click on the “Residential Conveyancing Estimate” flag to the right of the website screen and follow the on-screen instructions.  If you have difficulty with the automatic estimate, please contact our conveyancing team directly.  Whenever possible, we aim to offer our clients fixed fees so that you can make an informed decision and budget accordingly.  Our free on-line residential conveyancing estimate will outline your potential costs.  Our conveyancing fees are competitive and transparent.


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, for example, Land Registry fees and Search fees.  We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Stamp Duty or Land Tax (On Purchase)

This depends upon the purchase price of your property.  You can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using the website of HMRC – or if the property is located in Wales by using the Welsh Revenue Authority website –

How Long Will it Take?

The speed of a transaction will depend upon several factors such as whether the parties are in a chain, requirements for mortgage finance, co-operation from other parties and the efficiency of the other Solicitor.  If there are defects in the title to the property or the property lacks requisite Planning or Building Regulations consent, then this will all lead to additional delays.  This is not an exhaustive list of factors that affect the speed of your transaction.  A realistic estimate potentially from being instructed, to exchange of Contracts, is 6-8 weeks.  This would be on the basis that there were no difficulties.  It is important that you return documents requested, in a timely manner, to ensure the efficiency of your transaction.

The Process – Purchase

The precise process depends upon the circumstances.  However, typically, the following stages would be key stages in a standard purchase transaction:

[1]        Obtain identity documentation from yourself to comply with our professional conduct rules and anti-money laundering requirements.

[2]        Request money on account of costs and disbursements, from yourself.

[3]        Obtain your instructions.

[4]        Verify funding arrangements and liaise with Lenders Solicitors, if appropriate.

[5]        Review Contract documentation.

[6]        Commission various appropriate Searches.

[7]        Make enquiries of Sellers Solicitors.

[8]        Advise yourself on documentation and information.

[9]        Advise yourself on conditions of your Mortgage Offer, if appropriate.

[10]      Obtain your signature to Contract.

[11]      Liaise in relation to completion date.

[12]      Attend to exchange of Contracts.

[13]      Collect completion monies in.

[14]      Completion of transaction.

[15]      Pay any Stamp Duty.

[16]      Register your title at the Land Registry.

[17]      Providing completed registration documents to yourself.


The Process – Sale

The precise process depends upon the circumstances.  However, typically, the following stages would be key stages in a standard purchase transaction:

[1]        Obtaining instructions.

[2]        Obtain identity documentation from yourself to comply with our professional conduct rules and anti-money laundering requirements.

[3]        Completion by yourself, of Property Information Form, Fittings & Contents Form along with other pro-forma documentation.

[4]        Liaison, where appropriate, with the Estate Agent and purchasers Solicitor.

[5]        Constructing the Contract and providing to the purchasers Solicitor, along with supporting documentation.

[6]        Liaison with purchasers Solicitor in relation to the structure of the Contract.

[7]        Obtain Planning or Building Regulations consents from the Local Authority.

[8]        Responding to additional enquiries raised by the purchasers Solicitor.

[9]        Obtain your signature to Contract.

[10]      Liaison in relation to completion date.

[11]      Exchange Contracts.

[12]      Perfecting Transfer document.

[13]      Obtain your signature to Transfer document.

[14]      If appropriate, obtain up to date redemption statement from your mortgage provider.

[15]      Calculate completion statement, setting out various financial movements.

[16]      Completion of transaction.

[17]      Providing completion documentation to purchasers Solicitor.

[18]      Redeem any mortgage.

[19]      Transmit net proceeds to yourself or to your related purchase transaction.

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